Laying on blanket in park practicing yoga.

Does practicing yoga that is right for YOU lead to a more joyful life?

Well, I would say, yes, but that is because that is my personal experience and the personal experience of countless others over thousands of years.

Do you need to see peer-reviewed studies or books written by PhDs, MDs. Gurus, spiritual or religious leaders?  They’re all out there.

Do you need to read translations of or the original ancient texts in their original native languages?

Do you need to see the studies with all the data and statistics and medical and scientific terminology?

Do you need to study the various religious philosophies and dogma?

How about you do your own personal study with YOU as the only subject…and your result as the only pertinent data point?  Try the right yoga for YOU, and see what happens!  In the end, isn’t that all that matters?? 

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