What students are saying about Leslie and her teaching

I can honestly say there has never been a practice I haven’t thoroughly felt awesome after. When things get crazy, I just do my yoga breaths and can settle down. Thank you, Leslie, for changing my life!!


I am finding that I really enjoy having exercises that I can do in just a few minutes. I start by going through the motions but find that a few breaths in I am able to focus on my relaxation.


I have been using it kind of on an as needed basis- if I have a day when I am stressed or anticipate it being stressful, I use it, but don’t use it every day! It has been very beneficial for me personally, and I tend to do either the entire thing or just the breathing portion depending on if I’m at home or at work! It is very centering for me!


I first pursued a yoga practice to improve flexibility, not recognizing the calming focus it gave me until later. My most valuable outcome that I have experienced long term is the way yoga makes me feel. Grounded and present and grateful.


I started yoga to help increase my strength and balance. Yoga has done more than that for me. It helps me to relax and clear my mind. I sleep better and just feel great! Your positive energy inspires me and makes me smile!


Finding a way to take time for myself was, and is, important. The yoga practice helps to focus on that. I must say that that it has given me a chance for introspection and rethink some goals. There are times when I revert to forgetting some goals and then stop to reassess.


Really enjoy Leslie’s yoga classes. She is very accommodating to everyone’s needs and makes each class different. Leslie’s positive energy is infectious.


Leslie is a great, passionate teacher. My chiropractor is pleased with the results, as am I. She teaches complete body involvement and I look forward to each session.


My lumbar spine is pain-free! It used to hurt upon standing from a chair.


I practiced yoga with my mom from an early age…continued through my life. At 64, practice with Leslie gives me breathing, balance and strength…even after back surgery with fusion and screws. I can’t imagine life without yoga…and Leslie.


Leslie’s eagerness and commitment to helping each one of us in her chair yoga class at CB Senior Center is so evident. Her eagerness to develop each class member’s benefits is so evi-dent and inspiring each session. Leslie stresses the importance of breathing in exercising so well.


For whatever reason, I have found that Leslie’s method of teaching yoga breathing has been most helpful to me. I find I can use it to my advantage in many situations. Thank you, Leslie, for your obvious devotion to your practice and for sharing it with your students.


Leslie’s chair yoga forces you into being in the moment–peaceful and quiet–moving at a certain pace and being observant. It engages all of our senses; it’s beautiful, gentle, slow–but powerful. This is especially important when it comes to working our connective tissues–also known as fascia–which can be injured by excessive or rapid stretching.


When my friend asked me to go to a yoga class I was a little hesitant. I am not a very flexible person. Well, after a couple of weeks with Leslie I noticed that I was more flexible than I thought. She is unbelievably patient. Always has a kind word of encouragement!!!!! Leslie ex-plains everything. Great sense of humor! Loves us dearly:) You would think she never has a bad day! We love her!!!


Leslie’s class has become a real practice for me.  She inspires me with her words and by the example she sets. She is a teacher who truly wants to share her rich knowledge of yoga and values each student’s path.  

I feel stronger and more positive since beginning classes with Leslie.  Not only has my posture improved, my core feels strong, and I am able to live more positively.  At my yearly doctor’s exam I learned  I actually have grown an inch ( at 52 years old!).  When I asked my doc, “how could this be?”  She replied…”it’s the yoga”

Leslie has been teaching us breath work as part of our practice.  I learned how to use this to help me balance my energy during the day, and at night if I have trouble sleeping. Each time I go to class, I come away having experienced or learned something new.

Yoga with Leslie is a favorite part of my week.  I feel blessed to have found this lovely teacher with a beautiful soul who has such a clear purpose and so much to share. 


I met you, Leslie, and I felt excited to have a teacher again and come back to yoga. What I have gained is an inch (my doc contributes it to the yoga) I give myself permission to be in the space to practice, I feel stronger physically and mentally, I hold myself taller.


My psychiatrist is enthusiastic about the benefits of this yoga practice and would encourage other mental health and general medical professionals to investigate this practice for their patients.

Yoga with Leslie’s effect on my mental health, as a longtime mental health patient, and longtime yoga student, is very positive.

Focusing inward (or pratyahara, a Sanskrit term meaning withdrawal of the senses), getting in touch with myself and my body parts; spine, head, feet, arms, legs, etc. makes me relax. Concentration on Ujjayi breath (a conscious breath technique) and controlled movement clears my mind. Achieving moves; tree, warrior, and mountain, etc. elevates my self-worth and self-respect. Working on pelvic floor strengthening with my yoga moves and Ujjayi breathing helps maintain my dignity. Just getting up and down on the floor helps my ability to get up and down at age 84.

All of this contributes to my maintaining my health and self-esteem which greatly bolsters my mental health.

Mrs. P., 84 years old