Get Started with Yoga!

20-Minute Exploratory Conversation

Initial consultation  | 20 minutes free of charge

Tell me about you. Let’s talk about what interests you and what you would hope to achieve by working with me to develop a personalized yoga practice. I will listen actively and answer questions. We can decide together if we are a good fit to move forward.

How to work with Leslie

We will work one on one:

  • ON ZOOM-from wherever you are
  • IN PERSON ($20/hr travel time may apply)
    • in the comfort of your own home/yard, or
    • in a public outdoor space
  • In my private studio in Upper Black Eddy, PA. I have been vaccinated. My little yoga refuge includes:
    • beautiful private setting overlooking the Tinicum palisades – you may see foxes, deer, rabbits, and hear lots of birdsong during your practice
    • hardwood heated floors and a gas fireplace for winter
    • air conditioning for summer
    • a composite deck for outdoor practice in pleasant weather
    • mats, cushions, blankets, straps, and blocks
    • cold water and hot tea
    • a full bathroom
    • a changing room

Private Sessions

Personalized, integrated, slow, mindful, and adaptable yoga designed for YOUR unique conditions and schedule. Practices may be done in a chair or on a mat.

Sessions may be held on Zoom from anywhere, or locally, in my studio in Upper Black Eddy, PA, your home/yard, or a public outdoor space ($20/hr. travel fee may apply).

Hourly rate: $80.

1 Hour Trial First Practice

Half Price for a limited time: $40


We will review your current state of mind and body and your goals. We will discuss possible approaches I can offer to address them. We will try a few practices to see how they feel to you. At the conclusion of this time together, you will better understand how I work and the tools I will be using. I will better understand your condition and your expectations. Before committing to working together further, we will both feel confident that you are capable of practicing what I offer and that the practice can take you from where you are today to your desired more empowered condition.

Develop a Personalized Practice

Six Hours of One-on-One time with me over a max. 4-month period | $360*


Let’s empower you with a safe, quick, effective antidote to anxiety, depression, pain and suffering. Take some control of your health and happiness!

At the conclusion of these sessions, you will have your own personal tool bag for a more joyful life; a practice or practices you are confident in performing on your own, as part of regular self-care, that you will have for a lifetime. Ancient and time tested, medically, scientifically proven, designed just for YOU. They will be designed to bring your body, mind, and emotions to a more balanced state.

Audio recordings and a printed PDF version of your practice(s) will be provided.

We will begin at the beginning and work progressively to build the right practice(s) for YOU.

*Session fees may be negotiated on a sliding scale according to your ability to pay.

The right practice depends on your condition, your goals, your schedule, and your space at that moment. These variables may change over time and we will accommodate changes. You will be expected to practice at home in-between sessions, and I will be available by Zoom, phone or email to help you stay safe, empowered and motivated on your yoga journey to a healthier more joyful you!

Small Group Classes

You and friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members (6 maximum), on Zoom, in my studio in Upper Black Eddy, your home/yard, or a public outdoor space ($20/hr. travel fee may apply).

6 one-hour classes, developed with a focus on your group’s overall goals and abilities

The smaller the group, the more personalized

The larger the group, the more affordable

$360. (For 4 people $15./class each, 3 people $20/class each, 2 people, $30/class each)



Public Classes

No public classes scheduled at this time.

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