Welcome to my new website!  This is a labor of love created to share the transformative gifts I have received through many years of yoga study and practice along with any wisdom I have gained and feel compelled to share in my search for a more joyful life.

My gratitude goes out to so many people who guided, inspired, and assisted me on this journey.  My Viniyoga teachers, Gary Kraftsow and his team at AVI along with countless other teachers.  Dave Cahill at River Net Computers, who patiently created this beautiful website with me.  My friend, Marcia Philipson, who was so very generous and playful and patient as we took the home page photo and this head shot among many other amazingly flattering images in her glorious back yard.  My friend, Samantha Auman, who taped over 3 hours of video in the summer of 2018, and painstakingly edited them into chewable bites to create the FAQ section along with the gift practice I am offering for signing up to receive my newsletter. Certainly not least, I am forever grateful to my biggest supporters, my husband, Neal, who has encouraged me to “get myself out there” for years, and my late mother, Mary Mulhall, who always always always believed in me.

My goal in sharing anything is to bring joy.  As I create content and share it with you here, it is to offer up wisdom and tools, food for the soul,  that has nourished me, empowered me, inspired me, tickled me or in any way moved me out of darkness and suffering and into the light toward unending bliss.  I hope you feel better for spending time and energy with me here on occasion.  Cheers!  Leslie