Leslie was honored to be the guest on The Optimal State with Amy Wheeler recently:


Leslie is a Yoga Teacher and has also completed her certification in Yoga for Mental Health with Optimal State. She has made it her life mission to share her journey from depression, hopelessness, helplessness & mental health difficulties to the woman she has become. She has been able to transform her own nervous system, mental patterns and lifestyle habits into ones that support and nourish her daily. It is from this place of peace that she can share her superpower of helping others to take a similar journey towards more contentment and joy in life. Leslie discovered yoga as a mother of 2 toddlers many years ago, and it has become the North Star, her dharma/ life-purpose.

  • We begin with Leslie’s story and how she came to know and understand that yoga could change the trajectory of her life.
  • We discuss yoga philosophy and the goal of yoga, which is to come into tune with our Self, to perceive ourselves and the world differently and then to find the tools and technologies that will bring us back into a more balanced state.
  • The wonder of yoga, it can be free, you can take it with you anywhere you go, it is an internal resource and the more you use the tools, the better you feel!
  • We discuss life trajectory changes and how it only takes tiny little shifts to see big changes in behaviors over time.
  • How extraordinary is it to wake up knowing that a daily practice (even 10-minutes in bed) can help you to feel more steady, grounded, and peaceful throughout the day.
  • How anyone can take up yoga practice to find more self-empowerment and we don’t need expensive yoga pants or mats or studios.
  • The importance of a daily practice, especially over time.
  • How to get started with a daily practice, especially when you don’t feel you have a consistent schedule, consistent place for your mat, family support or maybe you feel you are short on time each day. It is still possible one small step at a time.