Women Laughing on the Floor (Photo by Igor Rodrigues on Unsplash)Practicing yoga on your own or with one or three of your special peeps has so many advantages!

  1. The practice can be just what you need when you need it for the amount of time you have.
  2. You don’t have to go anywhere or you can go where you want to go…outside to a park or any other safe space that inspires you.
  3. You can wear whatever feels comfortable, bulges hanging out, bathed or not…nobody cares what you look or smell like.
  4. You can be real, honest about what’s going on with your body, or your life…with your teacher, your friend/family/neighbor/colleague or your journal.  Use foul language if necessary to make sure your feelings get out fully.
  5. You can laugh…loud if you want to…at yourself…or with each other…about yoga or anything that tickles you during practice.

Would you like to explore a personalized yoga practice for yourself or your small group?  Let’s talk…I promise you can do it and it will make you feel good!