Tools hanging on a wall and a bag and wood on the floorI think we’re all feeling a little more vulnerable these days.  Our routines are constantly changing.  Our support systems may not be as close or available as before.  We’re isolated.  We are grieving the loss of normal life, at minimum, if not the loss of security, our ability to plan, or even the loss of a loved one.  

How do we manage?  How do we fill the voids and calm the anxiety?  We all know there are more beneficial ways and more dysfunctional ways of coping–of keeping our hearts open without bleeding out.  If I am to be totally honest, I have dysfunctionally turned to wine in the evenings and am having to reign that in.   Each of us has our crutch(es), sweets, screens, work, you know yours…and probably those of your nearest and dearests.  But we also have more functional ways of dealing, like walks in nature, or calling a friend, or listening to music or prayer.  I call all of these our Tool Bag for Life.  We start placing these “tools” in our bag as children to deal with uncomfortable feelings.  And once these tools are placed in the bag, and we reach for them, and they work, we are resistant to toss them out.  Which is good if they are of the beneficial nourishing kind like a yoga practice, or taking a walk, or connecting with a loved one and having a good healthy laugh or cry.  But, as I look back on my own life, I put some really toxic tools in my bag in my tweens and teens.  I suffered severe depression, bulimia , smoked cigarettes, holed up in my room, and eventually drank alcohol, shopped, blamed, etc, etc.   Some of those damn tools stayed in my bag throughout a lot of my adult life.  I WISH I HAD BEEN EXPOSED TO YOGA BACK THEN!

If you or someone you know, especially a teenager or an elder, are needing a beneficial coping tool for these challenging times, personalized at-home Yoga rocks!  It guides you, through movement and breath,  to connect with the bravest, most peaceful but powerful and wise version of yourself.  The part of you that is always there inside.  The practice can become a go-to for difficult times for the rest of your life.  And it can kick out some of those tools you or your loved one may want to eject.  It has done that and keeps doing that for me almost every day.  Let me share it with you or someone you care about.  (Pssst…you can say you need some support and would they join you in trying yoga.)  Zoom and Outside COVID-safe instruction available.  

Even 10 minutes a day will change your life for the better!