red and yellow leavesAutumn is a season of letting go of what you no longer need and gratitude for and deeply savoring what you keep.

For me, that means purging stuff.  Stuff I am storing in my space anywhere that I am not and likely will never use.  Realizing that just because it has value, doesn’t mean it has value to me.  In actuality, if it is taking up space and not being used (or bringing me joy), it is still sucking energy from me.  If I give it away, if it is useful to someone, it will be like giving a gift, this thing can give joy to someone else.  What a win-win that is!

This attitude inspires me to give more away, more stuff, yes, but also more compassion, more wisdom, more love, more creativity, more enthusiasm, and passion.  (And discourages consumption, of unneeded stuff, food, alcohol, toxic media, etc.)

I do not want to leave this life having squirreled away anything of possible value to another human being that I cannot take with me.  

And I am always ready to share yoga with anyone who asks.  Yoga practice has lightened my emotional load and clarified my thoughts so that the lure of consumption in whatever form is much less powerful than it used to be.  There is a deep knowing that buying some new shoes or eating an ice cream cone, drinking a bottle of wine or scrolling through some media feed will not make me feel better!  My inner voice is much wiser and louder than it used to be because of yoga, and the more I listen, the less I need to feel full…of joy.

Yoga helps you to get in touch with your true nature and deepest desires so that you CAN have what you really really want and release the rest.

Are you ready to get started?  Let’s talk.